Malta Skills Survey 2022


Understanding Better Our Competencies



Understanding Better Our Competencies

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is conducting a national exercise focusing on skills mapping among the working age population. The Malta Skills Survey will be the first national exercise of its kind and is expected to shed light on the skills profile of Malta’s workforce. The survey was launched on 5 October 2022.


Who will be participating?

Around half of 15 to 64-year-olds who have been living in Malta for at least five years, were chosen to participate.

What about people who are temporarily absent and who are selected for the Malta Skills Survey?

Persons who are on holiday or temporarily away due to work, study, or medical reasons should contact the office.

I am not a Maltese citizen

Any person who has received the letter from the NSO and resided in Malta for at least 5 years, needs to fill-in the questionnaire online or via telephone.

Why is this Survey important?

Malta has limited natural resources. Human capital is the most important and abundant resource available to ensure the country’s progress and economic prosperity. Skills profiling of the available workforce is therefore crucial. Data collected through this survey will assist in attracting new business interests tailored to the available workforce, while also providing information on any existing skill gaps. This makes the survey a major source of data for policy makers and researchers.

Is participation mandatory?

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Participation in the survey is mandatory for those selected in the sample. The survey is being conducted in line with the provisions of the Malta Statistics Authority Act (2000).


What if I don’t speak Maltese or English?

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The questionnaire will be available in Maltese and English. If you encounter any difficulties, you can ask for assistance by sending an email on

Can someone come to my address and help?

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For this survey face-to-face visits will not be offered. One can either do it online, call the freephone for assistance or else send an email to

What is included in the Survey?

The survey will mainly focus on collecting information about a variety of skills which the respondent may potentially use in a work setting. The following sections are included in the questionnaire:

  • Demographics
  • Employment
  • Artistic and creative skills
  • Construction-related skills
  • Agriculture, farming and fishing-related skills
  • Tools and machinery-related skills
  • Assistance and care-related skills
  • Communication and collaboration-related skills
  • Information-related skills
  • Computer-related skills
  • Education and qualifications
  • Languages
  • Licences

Disclaimer: Any personal information collected by the NSO will be treated as confidential and used for statistical purposes only.


For more information on the content of the Malta Skills Survey questionnaire, you can download a booklet version here.

Any Difficulty?

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