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Why is participating in this survey important?

Malta has limited natural resources.  Human capital is the most important and abundant resource available to ensure the country’s progress and economic prosperity.  Skills profiling of the available workforce is therefore crucial.  Data collected through this survey will assist in attracting new business interests tailored to the available workforce, while also providing information on any existing Skill gaps and skill mismatch. This makes the survey a major source of data for policy makers and researchers.

What should I do in case of difficulty?

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You can contact us on freephone 1712 from Monday to Sunday between 8:00am and 8:00pm, or by sending an email on


What if the address on the form does not match my current address?

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Even if the address is not the same as the one prefilled in the online questionnaire, the individual should still answer the survey and edit the address according to the current place of residence.



How can I participate in the Malta Skills Survey?


If you are among the 130,000 persons selected for the Malta Skills Survey, you may opt to participate either through:

  • Self-completion online form using the credentials sent by post; or
  • Assisted telephone interview


For security reasons, before accessing the questionnaire online, you will be asked to input the credentials including reference number as well as the password that may be found in the letter sent by post by the NSO in September 2022. Once you successfully log in you will be asked to confirm the personal details and to provide any missing information. 

Why is this survey online?

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Online accessibility will allow all individuals to reply through a secure online portal at any given time throughout the day. In the eventuality that participation through the online form is not possible, the NSO will also be collecting responses by phone through the assistance of appointed personnel.

How should questions be answered?

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The majority of questions have a list of options that you need to select from.  Some questions will allow the respondent to select only one answer whereas others will require multiple selection. Freetext will be possible in cases where respondent will have to specify and elaborate on an answer provided.

Do I need to complete all sections of the questionnaire in one go?

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If the online form is used, one can stop filling out the questionnaire at any given time. It will save automatically till the point one completed. Thus, a partially completed survey can be completed later after logging-in again.

Will I receive a paper questionnaire?

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No, for environmental reasons, paper questionnaires will not be sent by post. You will receive an official NSO letter with the credentials (username and password) and login information needed to access the form online.  If you are unable to fill out the online form, contact the freephone.


What questions are included in the Malta Skills Survey?

The questionnaire will only cover the topics listed hereunder:

  • Demographics
  • Employment
  • Artistic and creative-related skills
  • Construction-related skills
  • Agriculture, farming and fishing-related skills
  • Tools and machinery-related skills
  • Assistance and care-related skills
  • Communication and collaboration-related skills
  • Information-related skills
  • Computer-related skills
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Languages
  • Licences.


What questions are not included in this survey?

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  • Social Security number
  • Bank or credit card account information
  • Political party information
  • Questions about income earned, etc
  • Money or donations
  • Personal Passwords

What if I need help with a particular question?

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If you need assistance for answering the questionnaire, you can contact the office by phone or send us an email on


How do I navigate through the pages?

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A next button is found at the bottom right-hand corner of each page.  Click this button to proceed to the next question.

How do I correct a mistake on the online form?

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If you feel that you have made a mistake, you can return to the online questionnaire, correct it, and resubmit the information only if you had not already submitted it. If already submitted, send an email to

How can I verify that the person calling is legitimate and from the NSO?

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Our interviewers will introduce themselves and explain that they are NSO employees. In case you have any doubts, you may contact the Office to confirm the interviewer’s identity.






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