The official launch of the Malta Skills Survey 2022

On 5 of October 2022, the National Statistics Office officially launched the Malta Skills Survey, in an event held at the Gran Salon in the Archeological Museum in Valletta. The Minister for Finance and Employment, Hon. Mr Clyde Caruana, was also present.


As from last Monday, individuals across the Maltese islands started receiving letters informing them that they have been selected to participate in the Malta Skills Survey.


The Malta Skills Survey is a nationwide study being held between October and December this year. A first of its kind, this is a national stock-taking exercise of Malta’s skills and qualifications among the working age population and will shed light on the skills profile of Malta’s workforce. It aims at producing reliable statistics rooted in data about the skills and competencies. In turn, this will enable skills profiling exercises that, after thorough analysis, will give a strong picture of any existing skills gaps in the national labour force. As such, results from this survey will be a very important tool for policy development and further research purposes.


A total of 130,000 individuals, aged between 15 and 64 years, and living in private households were randomly selected to participate in this survey. This means that the sample will be made up of roughly half of the working age population on the Maltese islands.


The sample is made up of 64,565 males and 65,435 females. Of the total sample, 103,062 are Maltese nationals while 26,938 are foreign residents. The eligibility criterion for foreign nationals was based on a five-year threshold.  In other words, this survey only covers foreign nationals who have been living in Malta for five years or more. Individuals within the target age group who are currently abroad with the intention to stay abroad for 12 months or more, are also not covered in this survey.


Following the success of online responses experienced during the Census of Population and Housing 2021, the NSO continued in its effort to provide different means of participation even for this nationwide project. Respondents can opt to complete the questionnaire online, or by phone. Where absolutely necessary, a paper-based questionnaire will also be made available. The online questionnaire can be accessed through this website. Furthermore, a team of 450 interviewers were employed by the NSO so that as from October 10, they will start carrying out telephone interviews. A freephone helpline 1712 was also set up. This will be open from Monday to Sunday between 8am and 8pm. Furthermore, a dedicated Facebook page is available, and this will be updated with FAQs and other related material.

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