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Are my answers safe and secure?

In line with the provisions of the Malta Statistics Authority Act, all data collected by the NSO is confidential. The NSO collects data for statistical purposes only and cannot publish identifiable information or share it with third parties. The NSO will apply all necessary confidentiality and anonymisation processes to the data once collected.



Prior to the data collection process, all interviewers take an oath of secrecy as stipulated in the Malta Statistics Authority Act to ensure that personal information is kept confidential and secure. Any portable media devices used throughout the data collection process (e.g. tablets) will be configured in such a way (by means of encryption) to ensure maximum protection of data. Only official NSO staff will access the information stored on these devices.

Confirming interviewer's identity

Whenever a participant is contacted by our interviewers, they will introduce themselves and explain that they are NSO employees. In case you have any doubts, you may call our Office to confirm the interviewer’s identity.



Your information is confidential. The NSO collects data for statistical purposes only and cannot share or publish any identifiable information to third parties. 

Suspected fraud

In case of suspected fraud, you can contact our office to verify the web-platform link used or to verify the identity of the NSO interviewer.


What questions are not included in the Malta Skills Survey questionnaire? 

The following information will not be asked as part of the survey:

– Social Security number;
– Credit card or bank account information;
– Political party affiliation;
– Income;
– Money or donations; and
– Passwords.



How to avoid scams and fraud?

Phishing is a criminal act by which someone tries to get your information by pretending to be an entity that you trust. All official Government websites end with “”.


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